Bayou Degradable at The Baked Potato

February 12, 2024, 08:00 PM - 12:01 AM PST

All Star Sunday, May 9, 2021 @ 8pm & 10pm PST.

Bayou Degradable

Shane Theriot – Guitar (Hall and Oats, Neville Bros.)
Matt Rodhe – Key (Janes Addiction, VOLTO, Dixie Chicks)
Travis Carlton – Bass (Robben Ford, Larry Carlton)
Joel Taylor – Drums (Holdsworth, Al Di Meola)

Hetti W.

Hi Shane, Just wanted to let you know a friend, Bill purchased your album DIRTY POWER and introduced it to our music group several days ago. He may want to join your community here as you have downloads, EPs … music, merchandise and so much good stuff. We had a fun session that many might enjoy delving more into your amazing world of music. Great sound!!

Shane T.

so great! Thanks!


Shane T.

no I have no idea who is doing that. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Hetti W.

So glad you’ll be touring in Boston this summer, I plan to attend! Still wondering if you and Le Combo will also come to the East Coast? So wish I could see you perform May 9th, I know the last performance at The Baked Potato was dynamite! Anyway, continued success and fun. If you and your beautiful family visit Japan soon, have a beautiful trip. I love it there so much.

Shane T.

hi Hetti

I wish we could but it's so expensive to bring a band out just for a couple of shows...not sure when we'll on the east coast. We are back at the Baked Potato on April 22. Thanks for your support and the email!

Maryann K.

Notification received for Daryl Hall/Elvis Costello show at Mohegan Sun in July!  BEST NEWS!!!  Cant wait to hear and see you ALL!!!  WOW!

I'd be thinking recently WHEN are you going to come around again and where and how is DFH and the boys???!!!!  Started to look at shows at Daryl's House...!  Great venue... July, hurry up... !!!

Jonathan  C.

I guess my entire profile and activities has been replicated(?) to a "new" profile...with no history or photo albums. I have NO friends now as you were the only one on my list. Cheers...I was sharing the funk roots of the Dixie Dregs and that if you run into Steve, his wife passed away in January.  She used to sell the swag it shows when he first went solo and before deep purple.

Cheers mate, hope you are doing well. Didn't notice if you will be at Beach Life again this year...gonna be tough to leave my home state, but they keep finding new ways to spend MY money (Gavin is my old boss...). Extra ticket to see Chieli in Seal Beach Thursday JC

Jonathan  C.

Steve plays Funk with "notes" and not chord changes...had a question about that, but I couldn't send it to anybody because I had NO FRIENDS...I was devastated! lol

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