(with Seymour Duncan)

I use different guitars depending on the music, application or project. Sometimes I'm just in a different mood and want to play a different instrument.

Here's a link to some of the guitars I use. I also have a 1959 Gibson 330 (pictured on the home page) that I also use a lot for recording.

I also use D'addario Strings, on electrics generally 10-48 or 11-52. On acoustics I like 12-52 gauge. Check out my friend Doc at Rocky Mtn. Slides for some great handmade slides too.

I have a lot of different amplifiers, and will switch them out depending on the situation. Some of the ones I have and use a lot are a few different vintage Fender models like a 1965 Vibrolux, 1966 Vibrochamp, 70's Champ, '67 Twin Reverb, 71 Marshall Superlead, Soldano SLO 100, Soldano Hot Rod 25, Fuchs ODS, Dr. Z Maz 18MK2, a 90's Fender Blues Deluxe with Celestion Vintage 30 speaker (that's still one of the best sounding amps I have!) a Tungsten Crema Wheat Tweed and a few others.

I have tons of effects pedals, but as of late have been using the King of Tone by Analog Man as my overdrive/distortion. Mostly though I prefer using the amplifiers overdrive channel to a pedal so that's what I do 90% of the time.  I use either a Flight Time Digital Delay or Future Factory Delay by Free the Tone and SOV2 overdrive (also by Free the Tone.) A few years ago I was in Japan with Larry Carlton when his guitar tech introduced me to them. Yuki Hayashi builds really high quality great sounding pedals. Sometimes I will use a Keeley modded Boss DD3 or a EHX Memory Man for a vibey dark sound. Having said that I can usually get by just fine with my old stock Tube Screamer that has been through it all.

I also like the Xotic RC Booster as well. As with many players I'm constantly rotating and trying out new things. So many great pedals out there at the moment. Other great ones are Keeley, Greenchild and of course it's hard to beat the classic Boss pedals.