1. 1
    Etude #1 (110 Bpm)
  2. 2
    Etude #1 (80 Bpm)
  3. 3
    Etude #2 (120 Bpm)
  4. 4
    Etude #2 (90 Bpm)
  5. 5
    Etude #3 (115 Bpm)
  6. 6
    Etude #3 (86 Bpm)
  7. 7
    Etude #4 (95 Bpm)
  8. 8
    Etute #4 (78 Bpm)
  9. 9
    Etude #5 (80 Bpm)
  10. 10
    Etude 5 (50 Bpm)

By popular demand - I present you Vol. 1 of Monster Picking Technique. This is a collection of 5 original picking "etudes" that I composed to use in my own personal practice routines. It will help you develop a clean, fast picking hand if you follow along. These are not normal picking exercises that can be very boring to practice and listen to- instead these are musical, challenging mini compositions that you will find fun to play and practice. All examples are demonstrated with the included MP3s at both fast and slow tempos. Standard notation and TAB is provided along with my recommended fingerings. 

Instant download- PDF/MP3's.

Chris C.

Hey Shane - Yep I wasn't too clear.  So Etude 1, first fingering.  13, 10, 11,10 11,11. What I meant was using the index finger to bar the B and E strings at fret 10 and leaving that bar on 10 and either picking the rest. Hard to convey this in an email!  haha.  So here is a video of what I'm talking about https://www.dropbox.com/s/i6c44zjbkymr7vo/IMG_7270.MOV?dl=0

Shane T.

I guess that should work that's the way jake e lee used to finger stuff

just make sure you pick every note

Chris C.

Hi Shane - When you run the Etudes - for example, the first two fingerings in Etude 1, do you pick all notes or do you bar the E and B with the first finger and then pick the other notes?  Of course it's easier to bar and pick versus pick ALL of the notes - but what do you suggest?  I'm totally into these two courses....I need more dexterity in my 3rd and 4th fingers and this will help that a lot.  Plus I like supporting ya!  You are a really nice dude and always reply back to me in social media...Peter Stroud is like you!  He's cool too!  haha - seriously!  thanks!  

Shane T.

hi Chris, I'm not sure I understand exactly but if you bar the 1st two strings you run the risk of the notes running into one another. On Ex 1 I would suggest not doing that. And yes you should pick every note and follow the up/down picking markings, that's the only way to really achieve speed and accuracy which is the point of playing the etudes. Glad you like them!

Jess A.

That double purchase was for Monster Picking Technique Vol. 1

Jess A.

Shane I paid twice because I forgot to download ... I thought by hitting buy that it was lead me to my initial purchase it didn't thus my paying twice - Can ( get the extra payment 14.95 refunded ... LMK Jess

Shane T.

No problem I just refunded the extra one! Hope you like it!

Jess A.

Great musical motifs to practice!